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I’ve had a little sparkofinsight recently. I don’t know where it’ll lead me, but who ever does?

I’ve been tossing around inside of my head the idea of collecting flowers, grass, rocks, sticks, and leaves from places and attaching them to where they were found. I love the idea of the map being a collection, and this connects the viewer directly to what they’re looking for. It becomes more personal and infinitely more tangible.

I’ve been hiking alot, recently, and I think that’s where I get the inspiration for the idea. I’ve become enraptured with the beauty of nature and seclusion. It’s been an eye-opening experience, and I think this is one of the best ways to connect viewers to that. Just as a map acts as a way for tying all of an area together onto a page, through line and color, so too does collecting bits and pieces symbolically, and literally, tie together an area through proximity.


It may end up being a terrible idea, but that’s okay. I don’t know where this spark will take me, but no one ever does.




It was one of the most refreshing weeks of my life.


As you may be entirely unaware, the people that I live with are unbearable at times. Very often, they frustrate me to which point I have no other choice but to lock myself in my room. 


But they were gone last week.


Spring Break gave me the freedom that I so strongly wanted, allowing me hours of naps on the couch and blasting music from my speakers without repercussion. I was able to watch movies and television without having to worry about hurting their feelings for not including them. It was a profoundly healing week.


But though the bandage can mend the wounded soles, the feet must trod the jagged path again.


Last week was everything that I needed, and nothing that I expected. It brought with it the relief that can only come from hours of laziness. It brought me closer to people that I wanted to be close to, and distanced me from people that I wanted at a distance. But it’s over now. Again, I have to go through the motions of school. And again, I’m reduced to the isolation of my room. Which is okay, I guess.


I feel better.

The Big Deal

I’m at a bit of a loss for this big project. I have a lot of ideas, and it’s hard for me to try to make it all make sense. But, I mean, does it reallyhave to make sense? Questions like this keep me up at night.

My first order of business should definitely be what it is I want to map. Local artists, civil rights monuments, restaurants, and personal places will definitely be key. But, of those, I do want to focus on the personal places–the places I have stories tied to. The map, as a memory palace, will hold my personal memories and will act as a guide to what makes me myself.

Accompanying these points will obviously be doodles, sketches, and other illustrations. As an artist, these things are essential not only to how I present the information, but how I am presented to the viewer. The map’s appearance, just as that of a blog or essay, holds it’s own connotation. It’s overall aesthetic is an element in itself. As such, I want to include as many hand-drawn pictures and fonts as possible.


Overall, by including these fundamental decisions, the viewer gets a sense of the map’s intended purpose: the glimpse into me, as a person. A spark of insight.


Where I’ve Been



Here’s my personal map. It’s where I’ve been.

It’s all of the places I’ve lived, all of the memories I’ve made, all of the events that’ve made me me.


To have years of memories compressed into pins on a map is unsettling.

But so is the unhalting passage of time, I guess.


Looking back at my map of my room, hardly anything’s changed. At the time, it embodied my disorganization, unkemptness, and disarray–both physical and emotional. Beginning college uprooted me from my home and tossed me haphazardly into an adult life I hadn’t lived before. I was given responsibilities I had never received, and my room embodied the disarray I found myself in emotionally. Now, it’s cleaner, but still much trashier than the typical abode. Similarly, I find myself feeling a bit more in-control, a bit more comfortable, and a bit less in disarray. My room is my temple, and my temple is me.

I decided to choose Liv by the Truth Daily’s map to come up with a story for. Right off the bat, I can tell it’s a room for togetherness, for sharing time with one another. The angles of the chairs direct the energy inwards and convey a deep sense of intimacy. It’s a room for confiding, for community, and for shared experience.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this were a living room, despite it missing the conventional family-television. It’s a living room for a deeply-connected family who values interconnectedness and shared investment. A true, honest family.

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