It was one of the most refreshing weeks of my life.


As you may be entirely unaware, the people that I live with are unbearable at times. Very often, they frustrate me to which point I have no other choice but to lock myself in my room. 


But they were gone last week.


Spring Break gave me the freedom that I so strongly wanted, allowing me hours of naps on the couch and blasting music from my speakers without repercussion. I was able to watch movies and television without having to worry about hurting their feelings for not including them. It was a profoundly healing week.


But though the bandage can mend the wounded soles, the feet must trod the jagged path again.


Last week was everything that I needed, and nothing that I expected. It brought with it the relief that can only come from hours of laziness. It brought me closer to people that I wanted to be close to, and distanced me from people that I wanted at a distance. But it’s over now. Again, I have to go through the motions of school. And again, I’m reduced to the isolation of my room. Which is okay, I guess.


I feel better.

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2 thoughts on “Break

  1. The couch. Symbol of all that is rest and relaxation. Lovely visual metaphor.

  2. Laziness and seclusion are why I love breaks. Hours of lounging, random movie watching, and video game playing are always healing

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