The Big Deal

I’m at a bit of a loss for this big project. I have a lot of ideas, and it’s hard for me to try to make it all make sense. But, I mean, does it reallyhave to make sense? Questions like this keep me up at night.

My first order of business should definitely be what it is I want to map. Local artists, civil rights monuments, restaurants, and personal places will definitely be key. But, of those, I do want to focus on the personal places–the places I have stories tied to. The map, as a memory palace, will hold my personal memories and will act as a guide to what makes me myself.

Accompanying these points will obviously be doodles, sketches, and other illustrations. As an artist, these things are essential not only to how I present the information, but how I am presented to the viewer. The map’s appearance, just as that of a blog or essay, holds it’s own connotation. It’s overall aesthetic is an element in itself. As such, I want to include as many hand-drawn pictures and fonts as possible.


Overall, by including these fundamental decisions, the viewer gets a sense of the map’s intended purpose: the glimpse into me, as a person. A spark of insight.


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